My Newest Sexual Obsession

My masturbation habits have been widely reported. I’ll get off any time and any place as long as the mood strikes me. One of the things that I miss when I’m going to town on my pussy in a public restroom is my lube.

Over the years, my favorite type of personal lubricant has changed. When I was working in the porn shop, I was all about the Wet Platinum. After that I was stuck on Boy Butter and Gun Oil. Right now I’ve got a few samples of Bad Dragon Cum Lube that I’m working my way through, but I’ll end up going back to Sliquid…that’s my fav right now.

One thing that sucks about lube is how fucking cold it is all the damn time. An ex of mine used to keep a heating pad next to her bed so that she could warm her lube up while we were fucking. It was all well and good until she forgot about it one night and the heating pad melted all the plastic.

There’s a sexual solution to this problem now though…and I really fucking want one.

My favorite sex toy reviewer, Hey Epiphora, wrote about an automated warming lube dispenser from a company called Warm and I’m fucking obsessed.

This thing works like magic.

It looks like some kind of a retro lava lamp that pours out a stream of lube whenever you put something in the middle of it. I know, I know…that’s hard to picture…Here’s what it looks like so that I don’t have to keep grasping for words:

So what you would do is stick your dick in the center of that hole and your favorite viscous substance would stream out from the top and coat your dick, toy, hand or whatever you would like with the stuff.

I feel like this is revolutionary.

When I’m fucking myself with a toy, it’s so annoying to have to coat my hands with lube in order to jerk myself off. With that fancy machine, I’d be able to get warm lube on my dildo and fill myself up with cock without ever getting a drop on my actual finger tips.

How amazing is that?!?

I really fucking want one.

As soon as I end up with my income tax refund, my special treat to myself is going to be snatching up one of those. I think it will make an excellent addition to our bedroom toybox.

What do you Peepz think about owning an automatic warming lube dispenser? Does it seem like a useless bedroom gadget or a fun thing to keep on your nightstand? Let me know in the comments below, or slide into my DMs on twitter.

Source: Hey Epiphora

Header Image: Chelsea Rae in Big Butt Breakdown by Brazzers